How to fix your Car's Air Conditioner

How to fix your Car's Air Conditioner

Air - conditioners are by far the most common accessory found in any car. With the increasing heat and pollution caused by the every-day increasing traffic and pollution, the air conditioner of your car provides you with the much needed respite and the quota of fresh,cool,clean air that would rejuvenate you. The air conditioner of your car is no longer a luxury, but it has come to the point of becoming a necessity and a thing without which you can not think of driving and face the rowdy traffic. Now imagine sitting in your car on a hot, humid and sunny day, with your air conditioner not working .This is a common situation with which most of us would have been abreast. All of us need to find ways to fix our car’s air conditioner from any kind of damage or fault that shows up. There may be various reasons for the air conditioner of your car being broken. In each case, the solution of the problem involves the following basic steps:

Step 1: Indentify The Cause

The first and the most important step in solving any problem is identifying the root cause of the problem. The same is the case with fixing the air conditioner of your car. What must be understood is the basic structure and function of the air conditioner. Its basic function is transporting heat from the inner reaches of your car to the outside.Thus, it basically operates as a refrigerator. Identifying the various parts of the air conditioning unit, viz, the receiver/dryer, condenser, evaporator etc and their set up would help you in making a quick diagnosis about what part of the air conditioner not working might be the root cause of the problem.

Step 2: Get The Basics Right

Certain general things about the operation of any air conditioning unit will be helpful in curing the problem. Once the problem has been identified, it can be seen from the knowledge of this, that what part of the entire unit is being affected by the glitch. This can be used to identify the function of the unit that has been affected and hence be rectified to treat the problem.

Step 3: Rectify Leaks

Leaks and seepages are the most important cause of the loss of cooling or improper functioning of the air conditioner. These leakages may affect various parts of the air conditioner.Thus, detection and rectification of such leakages is essential .The detection or rectification of these leakages is however not a very straight –forward job and one must consult a professional in order to get to the real solution. Detection of any small leakages can be done using a fluorescent dye that can be added to the air supply system. This kind of a dye is available in most of the auto-stores.

Step 4: Consult a Professional

The air conditioner of your car is a very intricate module that might get spoilt further if it goes into wrong hands for its rectification. Thus in order to rectify the problem encountered in the air conditioner, it is important to give the job to a trained and experienced professional.

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